Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree & shrub program is designed to enrich soil nutrition and eliminate unwanted pests from your landscape.  The deep root feeding that we provide will help to maximize root development and nutrient intake, in turn, improving plant health and flower production.  Our trained, licensed specialists will apply the appropriate controls at the correct time.


Tree and Shrub Care

The six step program consists of the following:

–  Dormant Oil Spray

–  Deep Root Feeding

–  Spring Foliar Insect Spray

–  Early Summer Foliar Insect Spray

–  Late Summer Mite & Insect Spray

–  Fall Mite & Insect Spray

*The use of an organic fertilizer is combine in all of our treatments to help reduce persticide usage while obtaining that same great result.



Additional Services:

–  Fall Deep Root Feeding – Just like our Deep Root Feeding that is part of our Six Step Program, but performed in the fall to provide your trees and plants the nutrients they need to start the spring off strong after their long winter nap.

–  Late Fall Anti-Dessicant – The approaching cold weather of winter tends to dry-out your trees and shrubs through a process called dessication.  To help your trees and shrubs endure the cold months of the year an anti-dessicant locks in the moisture helping avoid any damage that might occur in the cold months of the year.

–  Foliar Disease Control – Certain foliar diseases may require shorter interval treatments (ie. apple scab).  In these instances we have a customized program priced specifically for those landscape plants that need the extra care. 



“We Do The Little Things, The End Results Speak For Themselves!”