Fertilizer & Lawn Care

Our lawn program is designed to provide your turfgrass with top-quality materials for a balanced feeding each time we visit.  Our trained professionals apply the needed nutrients to keep your lawn looking beautiful and vibrant.


Lawn Care Service

The six step program consists of the following:

–  Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control & Fertilizer

–  Late Spring Weed Control & Complete Fertilizer

–  Summer Weed Control & Complete Fertilizer

–  Late Summer Weed Control & Complete Fertilizer

–  Fall Weed Control & Complete Fertilizer

–  Late Fall Weed Control & Complete Fertilization

*The use of an organic fertilizer is combined in all of our treatments to help reduce pesticide usage while obtaining that same great results.


Additional Services

Round Seven Winterizer – A late fall feeding that helps your lawn store food for the winter.  This application promotes a thick and lush appearance while promoting rapid  root growth in the spring.

Organic Program Available – While we do incorporate organic products into all of our fertilization programs, we also offer the option to eliminate the use of chemicals entirely.

Surface Insect Control – A layer of protection from the destructive insects that live above the soil.

Grub Control – Grubs are some of the most damaging pests that attack your lawn.  Feeding on the roots of your grass, grubs have the potential to do serious damage to lawns before you even know they are there.  Controlling these invaders also minimizes the instances of raccoon and skunk damage.

Fungicide – Irregular brown patches and spots are typical indicators that your lawn is suffering from fungal disease.  Determining the type of disease and treating the effected area will ensure your lawn will have a healthy rebound.

Aeration & Aerway Gives your lawn the opportunity to breathe, eliminating compaction while allowing essential water and nutrients to get directly down to the roots of the grass.

Bed Weed Control – Weeds are an unavoidable fact of any plant bed.  In order to keep your beds looking their best continual maintenance is essential.


“Our Attention To Detail Is Second to No One!”